The Ice-Cream party!


I have some awesome news! the ice-cream party is on now! come celabrate it at the ice-cream parlour!

:-) ! I am glad that the ice-cream suit was given out at the quest, aren’t you?



“The Freeze Quest”

there is a new qeust in panfu!

here is how to do it! to the iceblock in the ice cream parlour.

2. head to the beuty salon and pick up the hair dryer.

3.head back to the icecream parlour and unfreze him.

4.head to the kiosk and click the icecream suit. can now play the new game at the icecream parlour!

(plus you have a new suit!:-D)


also there is new free item in the machine:a distored clock!

The search of Jack-O-Lanterns

Arrghh! the vines are now a monster! ok..

Soo you know the vines that were at the castle? well they are now a huge vine monster!

But there is a way to stop it! and here’s how!

1. Head to castle.

2. Talk to the viney monster

3. Find the jack-o-lanterns each day ’till sautrday! also when you find one, talk to the  viney monster again.

Also, i became level 30, so i can(as i am doing in the picture) beam myself instesd of walking!


White Bolly Spotted in Panfu Again!

You know the white bolly santa has, i just spotted one! it is at the castle in the water!

Here it is! i hope it will be given out soon!


White Bolly In Panfu?

If you read the book ‘the oldest christmas tree’ in the libary, you will notice that santa has a white bolly!

Maybe these bollys will be avalable to pandas  at christmas! what do you think?

wite bolly

The Eclipse Is Here!

Hi Pandas!

The eclipse is here! head to the Caribbean beach to see it!

Also the wooby quest is now in the quest book!

So if you missed it, you can now do it anytime.


Walking On Walls Glitch!

Hey Pandas!

Ok first go to the restraunt in sanfranpanfu. Go to the chair(pictured) and click it. then click the walls!  you will be walking on wallls!!!

this litttt